Saturday, April 19th, 2014

Infidelity During Holiday Season

  The holiday season brings lots of things we don’t really want or need. Stress, arguments, “un-please- able”  people, and exhaustion. There is also something  surprising and unexpected that comes with this season of peace on earth, good will to all; therapists call it the ‘holiday affair.’ Unfortunately formal holidays seem to be the time of the year when being unfaithful... [Read more]

7 Clues That Your Spouse Is Cheating On You

Cheating is the worst form of destruction to your relationship or marriage; it is already considered a betrayal of the vows they took when they got married. The discovery of the act of cheating by the other half can either break the marriage or make it stronger depending on the strength of their love for one another. Cheating generally means that you are not fully satisfied with your current partner... [Read more]

How to Spy on Your Spouse

First and foremost, spying on a spouse is not recommended because trust huge part of any relationship. Obviously the most effective way is to hire a private investigator but if you want to do it yourself I have a few suggestions below that can help you in that situation. Before you get any of the equipment shown below first check your local laws before using such spy equipment.   Here are some... [Read more]

10 Signs of a Cheating Spouse

would you be angry if you found your spouse cheating? Imagine coming home from an exhausing day at work and when you open the front door you sense that something just isn’t right.  You shut the door and make your way into the living room only to smell a smell of perfume or cologne that you’ve never noticed in your house before.  You then notice that someone is definately home and as you make... [Read more]

Why Women Cheat

why women cheat Why women cheat  Not enough sex. Women want to feel wanted and if you’re not will ing to want it she will find it elsewhere. The bad girl – the wild behavior can come from a life change like a weight loss or a life crisis. Low self of steam – she seeks attention by using sex. Sex can be a self esteem booster which can make a woman feel sexier, beautiful and loved.  So she... [Read more]